How are Emergency and Exit Lighting Used in Wollongong Businesses

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It is widely known that business owners and employers have duties and responsibilities to keep their establishment and employees safe and protected at all times. This can be maintained by ensuring that the workplace is compliant with the minimum standard or regulations.

Emergency and exit lighting system is one of the requirements in keeping the building’s overall safety. When the main power supply is out and other lighting fails during unforeseen events, building occupants rely on the emergency lighting system. These lights allow work continuity when powers are disrupted or in worst-case, a safe evacuation of employees and visitors.

Emergency lights and exit signs are as important as any other fire protection equipment. That is why the Australian government has set a standard for business owners and building managers to comply. An example of this is the location of exit signs, they are to be placed where it is visible and highlights the nearest exit.

Well-lighted stairs and hallways can lessen the panic felt by the occupants during a power outage. Furthermore, egress lighting should brighten these areas for a safe escape in the time of emergency.

Because emergencies can happen anytime without a warning, it is best to ensure that the building’s emergency and exit lighting are at working condition at all times. This can be done by conducting regular maintenance inspections. Australian Standards require emergency and exit lighting systems to be tested every 6 months or twice a year.

Emergency light testing provides peace of mind that the workplace is safe and has a reliable light source when power outage would occur. Also, it ensures that the building is compliant with the Australian Standards. Meaning, you can avoid fines and penalties from noncompliance. Most insurance providers offer premium discounts for compliant buildings.

Emergency and exit signs could perform poorly in the time of emergency, when they are not regularly tested or properly maintained. Batteries may become too weak to hold charge. Lamps or fluorescent tubes would have dimmed illumination. All these may happen unknowingly if you skip an inspection.

Please also take note that emergency and exit lights involve electricity. Therefore, it is important that testing is conducted by a qualified technician or licensed electrical contractor.

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